STRONA GŁÓWNA17 września 2018
Make No Mistake! Error in Art – 2nd edition
Call for Papers
Make No Mistake! Error in Art – 2nd edition
Academic conference
24–25 November 2018
FUGA Budapest Centre of Architecture
1052 Budapest, Pet
fi Sándor utca 5.
Department of Art Theory and Artistic Education, Faculty of Art, the Pedagogical University of Krakow
Kaposvári Egyetem, Magyar Elektrográfiai Társaság / MET, FUGA Budapest Centre of Architecture
Organising committee:
Dr. Karolina Kolenda, Dr. Krzysztof Siatka
Technical errors that occur when a medium is used, as well as logical or cognitive errors, are commonly
seen as challenges and obstacles in a creative process. However, errors can also offer a source of
inspiration and an insight into otherwise unknown reality. The artist’s certainty about his or her intentions,
and the viewer’s openness, seem necessary for their communication to succeed. But the way art is
experienced often runs against the author’s concept and contrary to the viewer’s expectations. During
the conference we would like to consider the situation of misreading those intentions as a potential for
new, unexpected artistic and cognitive situations. Numerous achievements are made incidentally, that is,
by accident, on the margin of conducted research and investigations, along the route taken to reach a
different goal. Very often, they are made outside the author’s awareness, yet with the support of the
viewer, who shows the courage to act against traditions or established rules. We are interested in the
discrepancies that occur between the intention and effect of actions undertaken by artists and
researchers. Thus described approach determines the illusion and uncertainty that reveal themselves en
route to experience and intellectual cognition. We would also like to examine the anxiety or even true
fear of making a mistake, which makes an impact on immediate and distant future. We would like to
interpret the notion of error and its economy in a broad theoretical context (historical, cultural,
philosophical, sociological, and political), as something as yet unrecognised – potential obstacle or side
effect that will bring unexpected results.
The conference is addressed to scholars working in the fields of visual arts, art history and theory,
sociology, philosophy, cultural studies, and others, as well as media scholars, artists, and curators.
Make No Mistake conference and exhibition are organised as the second edition of Error in Art project.
The first part of the project was organised by the Pedagogical University of Krakow in December 2016, in
collaboration with partners from Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.
We invite submissions for 20-minute presentations, including abstracts of approximately 1500 characters
and biographical notes. Submissions should be sent by 30 September 2018 to
krzysztof.siatka@up.krakow.pl and karolina.kolenda@up.krakow.pl. Notices of acceptance will be sent by
October 2018.
Conference fee is 300 PLN/75 EUR.